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Would this face lie to you?

January 2010




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Jan. 4th, 2010

Not so secret amusement

|47| The Darkest Hours [Voice | Filtered to the Silvana | Unhackable]

Given the extremely studious attention I have been paying to my duties lately, and having recently developed an aversion to our ghost-ridden engine room, I hope our officers won't mind receiving my leave form for this most auspicious night of the year. I rather think I'll celebrate the holiday as far from any potentially haunted machinery as possible.

[Filtered to Shinjiro | Unhackable]

As tempting as it would be to hear you beg for my assistance, I think just this once I'll take pity on you. I seem to recall I owe you something of a favour, and I always pay my debts~♥

[OOC: Sooooo Cy is back from a long and rather unannounced hiatus. ;A; I would be extremely glad if people could point me towards any significant posts or things that might have piqued Gin's interests over the last month or so as I haven't been able to stalk Tides nearly as much as I would like.]

Oct. 26th, 2009

Lying liar Gin

|46| To live another day [Filtered to the Silvana]

I'm sure you're all greatly relieved to know that I survived that heinous ordeal in the engine room, all thanks to my daring rescue team. ♥ Though perhaps in future we should treat all engine difficulties as possible hauntings and perform regular exorcisms. I'm sure I could find some willing volunteers for the task.

[Filtered to Tear | Unhackable]

You were the one in charge of investigating Morris' death, weren't you, Miss Grants? I have some questions~

[Filtered to Aizen | Unhackable]

I would promise you a report by tomorrow morning, but you see I have this inexplicable ache in my wrists.

Perhaps you'll settle for a verbal recounting at a later date?

[Filtered to Kira | Unhackable]

My hero~♥

Sep. 13th, 2009

Surely you don't suspect me

|45| Ghosts and Murderers [Locked to the Silvana | Unhackable]

Well this is quite an inconvenience, isn't it? So if rumour is true, it seems he have quite the vengeful ghost in our engine, although I do wonder...

Morris's death was an accident...or was it? I find it hard to believe that the ghost of a man who'd simply tripped and fallen to his death, no matter how messy it may have been, would be quite this furious. It makes you wonder exactly what he's trying to get revenge for. Perhaps it's time for all of us to reconsider the circumstances of that little 'accident' and contemplate the possibility that not only do we have one very unpleasant ghost haunting our corridors, but also a murderer in our midst.

Just a cheerful little thought to keep you all warm at night~♥

But while these speculations are all very fascinating, it seems we have need to rid ourselves of this problematic poltergeist, and if I can loan the ears of our Captain and Officers, perhaps they would be interested in hearing a suggestion?

Our ghost seems to have been lashing out at every member of the crew, but if it's true that Morris's death was something other than accidental, perhaps all he really wants is revenge on the person responsible for his death. In that case, why don't we give it to him? He doesn't seem to be a particularly intelligent ghost. I imagine we could just pick anyone at all to go in there and confess to the crime in order to lure him out of hiding, and then I'm sure with the combined efforts of a a few of our more magically inclined crew members we should be able to find some means of either capturing or exorcising him.

Naturally, the person we choose to be our murderer will be in a very dangerous position. Our avenging spirit seems to be quite powerful, after all, and being the one who proposed the idea there really is only one clear course of action.

I volunteer for the role myself.

Aug. 31st, 2009

Deadly eyes

|44| Righteous Retribution [Voice | Filtered to the Silvana | Unhackable since Ninjas are about]

[There is a fierce, angry hiss of radio static that at first seems like it might be a problem with the journal signal, but after a moment there's the sound of what should be very familiar to many; the metallic crash and squeal of machinery on the warpath, and to anyone who's made assumptions on where Gin is, they'll figure out it's not his journal that's gone nuts but the radio equipment. To anyone listening carefully, the static is eerily full of sounds that might be voices or screaming, but it's difficult to make out over the sounds of a struggle.

It ends with the very resolute slamming of a door, and the only sound is Gin who's a little out of breath and clearly still not at his best. His voice is a muttered undertone, almost too quiet to make out.]

Why now, of all times...

[Abrupt switching to Text]

Our little epidemic has reached the Radio Room. I'm afraid calling for assistance is out the question unless anyone can get a journal signal to carry to the nearest town.

Now is there any place on this boat that's not full of things trying to kill us?


[As an unpleasant side-effect of his 'illness', whenever Gin exerts himself a little too hard his hearing starts to fade out, which is terribly inconvenient when one is trapped on a ship full of homicidal machinery. Anyone running into him is welcome to notice he's acting a bit odd. He can lip read a little, but he can't hear audio posts or things creeping up behind him, so if you do so, be ready to dodge. X3]

Aug. 24th, 2009

I'm listening~

Full of Sound and Fury [Filtered to the Silvana]

While I understand holidays are always a very exciting occasion, perhaps whoever's making all that ruckus down on the lower decks could cease and desist. It's rather ruining the mood.

My thanks for all the kind gifts. So nice to know not all of you are taking those ridiculous accusations to heart. I hope all of you manage to find your lost items, and that the perpetrator is appropriately punished.

[OOC: Because Gin's senses are still a little off-kilter, he can't actually tell what the deal with the engine room is - such as who, what, or even precisely where it's happening - only that it's annoying. Also, his Lunasa gift list is here. Enjoy!]

Aug. 10th, 2009

You just might get the best of me

Guises of health [Voice | Filtered to the Silvana]

[Gin still sounds a little haggard, but anyone who came to visit him will note that it's an improvement]

You know I'm really quite amazed at the number of visitors I've received over the last twenty-four hours when I'm quite sure my last communication invited nothing of the sort. Either I'm given to understand that you're all terribly concerned about my health, or you all really have nothing better to do. In either case, I would like to extend a personal thank you to those who felt the need to invade my quarters. I'll be quite sure to pay you back for your kindness.

Toph-chan, my door could use a bit of your tender love and care.

[Locked to Toph | Unhackable]

Also, I have a little question for you about this earthbending of yours.

[Very painfully written text | Locked to Toshirou Hijikata | Unhackable]

Major? A word.

[OOC: So everyone who dropped by in Gin's log? Is going to find themselves on the wrong end of some very bad luck some time in the near future. Important items getting lost or breaking down, being made to work double or triple shifts, that sort of thing. Nothing too lethal because he's not quite at his best, but some petty retribution to make himself feel better. The only people getting spared are Kira and Tear (she brought him tea~♥). The rest of you are on his blacklist. Yes, even you, Shinji, even though he'll be hard pressed to think of something more he could do to you.]

Aug. 4th, 2009

Almost a little too much

|41| We tell ourselves that none of it is real [Text | Auto-filtered to the Silvana | Easy to Hack]

[At a generous estimate, this probably comes about two hours after Gin really should have been on duty]


1 day

no doctrs

[And his door is barricaded. You'd have to be pretty damn determined to get in.]

Jul. 20th, 2009

This blood could be yours

|40| Sweeping up their little pieces. [Voice | Filtered to the Silvana]

(Pre-dated before the races, soon after this log.)

Could one of the Doctors please report to the top deck to help me with an incoming patient? Shinjiro Aragaki was wounded in a skirmish on the outskirts of town and requires immediate attention.

[Filtered to Cirucci | Unhackable]

Well, admittedly that wasn't a bad little performance, Cirucci-dear. At least, right up until the end there. Were my eyes playing tricks or did I see you falter for just a moment?

Now, should I be leaving you to the tender mercies of our doctors, or would you prefer me to ask Izuru to take care of those unsightly bruises of yours? We can't have Cirucci looking less than her best now, can we?

Jul. 13th, 2009

I see wat u did there

Out of Bounds [Filtered to the Silvana | Unhackable]

[At the same time as this log and Ichigo's sudden power burst]

Seems there's some kind of radio interference going on, everyone. Don't worry, I'll be sure to have the problem sorted out shortly. In the mean time, just stay put. It's possible someone's trying to hack our communications to pull us out of position.

[Locked to Aizen | Unhackable]

Before you ask, I'm sure there's a good explanation for this.


[No, there isn't any actual interference unless you count Gin's own. He's crossing wires with the Silvana's communication lines to keep people from being able to respond to the incident in the hanger very quickly. You owe him, Luppi-chan.]

Jul. 6th, 2009

Kiss my hand minion

|38| The merits of bloodline [Voice | Locked to Luppi | Unhackable]

Luppi-chan~? I hope you're not busy. I have a little chore for you.

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